Astea Conference 2017

Huge thanks to all participants in Astea Conference 2017! It was a day full of knowledge, emotions, smiles, and surprises.

See you in 2018!


Grand Оpening

Alex, one production, please!

Alexander Pazvantov

Alex will tell about the events that follow this phrase. We are going to look into the toolbox and talk about good practices, some learned the hard way.

ReactiveX: Observe beyond the promise

Evgeni Tsakov

In this presentation Evgeni will talk about ReactiveX - a library for composing asynchronous and event-based programs by using observable sequences. It is a great addition to the promise model. If you ever had trouble synchronizing multiple future values like promises, callbacks and events, then you'll be pleased to see how graciously you can do that with observables.

Coffee or tea?

Future of UI/UX: Natural User Interface

Marina Tzvetinova

The presentation will focus on the fast development of the user interface and what comes next as the new technologies continue to evolve. We will learn what is Natural or Zero UI/UX and how it will affect our everyday life.

End-to-End testing for interactive web applications

Georgi Angelov

Do you keep reading that automated tests are the key to a stable product and a better development process? Do you keep getting frustrated while writing them and feel you are wasting your time? Or do you not know where to start? There are some best practices and pitfalls you should be aware of so you don't tear your hair out.

ScrumBut our way

Kalina Zdravkova, Kirilka Petrova

The main topic that will be covered is how to not reinvent the wheel every time something in our process is not working in an optimal way. We will find out what are the most common modifications of the processes we know, why they exist, how can we accommodate them. We’ll see real-life examples that came up during the work with clients and how our clients can be included in the process, so the workflow is effective for both sides.

It's lunch time!

CSS Challenge

Deyan, Zornitsa, Kircho, and Tanya

Designers and developers will work hand-in-hand in an epic battle of CSS wizardry.

JSData: A cool candidate for your model layer

Svetimir Ignatov

When the development of a new app begins, one of the most important decisions that stands out is how to build the model layer. In this talk Svetimir will present a JavaScript library that aims to provide an agile and powerful model layer. He will cover different aspects of the library: what's the meaning of terms such as resources, relations and adapters in its context, how to configure it and what is its connection to AngularJS.

Lightning Talk: Introduction to WebRTC

Ivaylo Sachanski

The lecture will be focused on the capabilities which WebRTC gives us - what can we achieve, what are the main steps in establishing the Peer2Peer communication, signaling and more. We will talk about what a STUN and a TURN server is, what they are used for, as well as already implemented WebRTC solutions and of course - browser support.

JavaScript: The Unnecessary Parts

Ianis Vasilev

JavaScript is (in)famous for its absurd edge cases. This usually restricts programmers to using only a subset of the language, but still, knowing the tricky parts can save you a nerve-wrecking day. We are going to discuss the reasoning behind some cases of counter-intuitive and/or intricate behavior in the language.

Coffee or tea?

Reactive Microservices

Kiril Kirilov

Going forward, it is time to act with cutting-edge determination and drive forward our team ecosystem. It’s time to retire the monolith, to decompose the system into manageable, discrete services that can be scaled individually, that can fail, be rolled out and upgraded in isolation. Asynchronous Communication, Isolation, Autonomicity, Single Responsibility, Exclusive State, and Mobility are the main traits of Reactive Microservices Architecture.

Working With You is Killing Me

Nikolay Manolov

Our everyday communication in work environment often leads to conflict. Even in pursuit of a common goal, we succeed to argue about the way to achieve it.

In this talk Nikolay will try to give you instruments for coping with some of the following challenges:

  1. Noticing the patterns in our behavior, that provoke annoyance.
  2. Softening these patterns.
  3. Not going mad over the traps left by others.

Why Clients Fall in Love with Astea

Kalin Georgiev and Trifon Trifonov

Our phenomenal work with coding, testing, infrastructure set up, support, and all other aspects of the Software Development life cycle is the reason why Astea's clients love us. There is, however, one more rarely discussed activity at Astea which is also crucial for our ability to win interesting projects.

When competing for a project with other Software Development vendors, Astea almost always wins, and very often with higher projected costs. What makes Astea the vendor of choice for our clients? Which are Astea's characteristics which win the trust of our clients as early as the discovery phase of our projects? What are the advantages of our offering and how does Astea present them to potential clients? What is "Business Development" and who at Astea works on it?

Casual Closing



Inter Expo Center, floor 2, Musala Hall